jim camarata.jpg

Jim Camarata

Ashley’s workshops are creative, particularly informative, and immediately helpful. She delivers the message clearly and with humor. Ashley has a gift, and we're all that much richer for it.

Jen Golberg.jpg

Jen Golberg

Ashley has a presence that makes you feel you can accomplish anything. 

David Lee.jpg

David Lee

Ashley brings an energy to the room that gets everyone engaged, she knows her topics well, and addresses questions professionally and knowledgeably. Not to mention her great playlist!

Lindsey Makitalo.jpg

Lindsey Makitalo

You changed my life. I was on the fence when we met in in the coffee shop, but what you said gave me wings and I flew! That day will go down in history for me. Thank you.

Paul Skilllman.jpg

Paul Skillman

Ashley brings an unmatched energy into her work and is oozing with positivity. Great knowledge and excellent communicator. She has the rare ability to simplify the complex in a world where it’s easy to get overwhelmed, and has the natural ability to turn just about any situation into a positive. 

Keri Peterson.jpg

Keri Peterson

Ashley is an awesome teacher with a great personality and fantastic spirit. Her energy is fun and infectious, making you want to pay attention and hear what she has to say.

Jen Barnett.jpg

Jennifer Barnett

She will grab your attention with her vibrant personality, hold your attention with her knowledge and leave you with her infectious joy for life and a strategy for success.

Andrea Atherton.jpg

Andrea Atherton

Our time together touched my heart so deeply. Thank you. You’re a beacon of light.

Karla Haley.jpg

Karla Haley

Ashley has an infectious joy for life and an incredible drive for success. She is able to effectively break down the elements that need to be implemented and develop a cohesive plan for execution. 

Kevin Campbell.jpg

Kevin Campbell

Your Flash Classes are awesome.

Jen Minder.jpg

Jen Minder

Ashley is a blast to listen to and her information is spot on. Her honesty, energy, and fun style captures her audience and she follows through with her depth of knowledge and great information. Everyone leaves her sessions feeling encouraged and motivated.

Vivian Bremer.jpg

Vivian Bremer

Ashley is quick witted, highly energetic, entertaining, and is highly resourceful.